Every Penny Counts When It Comes To Your Dream Home

Save $400-$1,000 cash at closing with our lower fees and none of the hidden fees that our competitors charge.
If you purchased or refinanced your home within the last 5 years, your premiums could be up to 50% less!
Clients and policyholders rest assured knowing they are getting the best value on title work.


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Maximize Value By Saving $400-$1,000 Cash at Closing

How do we do it? Cutting edge efficiencies create unmatched savings, but don’t take our word for it.
Ask DORA (Colorado Department of Regulatory Agencies) or double check these figures with CompareTitleCompanies.com

Save Even More Without Our Competitor's Hidden Fees

We don't charge more for after-hours or alternate closing locations like other title companies.

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Buyers can’t always afford to take time off work for their closing. Ascendant Title will close anywhere in Colorado,
at anytime, at no additional cost.


We understand the importance of your real estate transaction. We issue title commitments in 24 hours or less and are always available to answer your questions.


Utilize our complimentary resources to access all the details of your property. Our staff works hand in hand with you and your agent to meet any needs.

Our continuing goal is to provide unmatched value and service to our clients. Our pricing and services are designed specifically to simplify transactions in response to the recent changes in the real estate industry.

David Miller, Ascendant Title - President