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Planning to sell your home yourself? Ascendant Title can help you maximize your savings and guide you through the entire process.  We offer the highest quality fsbo title insurance at the lowest cost in Colorado guaranteed. Whether you just need documents, a shoulder to lean on, or a hand to hold, we’ll be there for you.



In short, a lot

Here is a rate comparison for FSBO Transactions

Based on a $400,000 Property Sale

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You can also compare your closing costs across other title companies, and see just how much you can save with us.

First American Title

$965/Total Fees
  • Additional FSBO Fee $250
  • A+ Rated
  • EXCELLENT Underwriter Quality & Security
  • Owner’s Title Insurance Premium
  • $1,716
  • Total Closing Cost
  • $2,681

  • Use Ascendant and save
  • $888

Land Title

$960/Total Fees
  • Additional FSBO Fee $220
  • A+ Rated
  • EXCELLENT Underwriter Quality & Security
  • Owner’s Title Insurance Premium
  • $1,681
  • Total Closing Cost
  • $2,641

  • Use Ascendant and save
  • $848

Fidelity Title*

$850/Total Fees
  • Additional FSBO Fee $110
  • A+ Rated
  • EXCELLENT Underwriter Quality & Security
  • Owner’s Title Insurance Premium
  • $1,683
  • Total Closing Cost
  • $2,533

  • Use Ascendant and save
  • $740

* Fidelity Title includes the following: Fidelity, Chicago, Lawyers, Heritage, and Commonwealth

It’s Simple, Here’s How it Works:


We want to help make your FSBO journey as simple as possible. Here are the basic steps that you may go through to sell your property, but all situations are a bit different.


Recieve an Offer

Property Disclosure

Counter the Offer (optional)

Fill out the Property Disclosure Form and make copies for potential buyers.


Lead Paint Disclosure

If your home was built before 1978

You must fill out the Lead Based Paint Disclosure Form and print copies for potential buyers.


Create the Buy/Sell Contract

Fill out the Contract to Buy or Sell Real Estate Form, sign and present to the buyer. This is the time to make a counter offer, if desired, to your buyer’s first offer.


Order Title Insurance

After you and your buyer have agreed on the price and terms written in the contract and both have signed, fill out the FSBO Title Order Form and send both to our offices.

Forms You may need 


Here are all the forms that you may need, we can help you decide which ones are appropriate for your situation.

Colorado Buy/ Sell Contract

This is the residential buy or sell contract

Colorado Real Estate Contract

Changes the agreement (Amend/Extend)

Counter Proposal/Offer

This is the doc to make your counter offer

Estoppel Statement

For notifying tenants of changes or terminate lease

Property Agreement

Used to state items to be sold with the property

Lead-Based Paint Disclosue

For all transactions where property dates <1978

Notice to Terminate

Use this to terminate any of the other agreements

Sellers Property Disclosure

Disclosure of property condition

Water Source Addendum

Required – disclosure of property water source 

Square Footage Disclosure

Identify source of property measurements

FSBO Title Order Form

This accompanies contract to buy & sell property

Offer to Purchase Real Estate

This is an offer letter

DORA Closing Instructions

Closing instructions form

Our continuing goal is to provide unmatched value and service to our clients. Our pricing and services are designed specifically to simplify transactions in response to the recent changes in the real estate industry.

David Miller

President, Ascendant Title

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Hear what our FSBO clients have to say
“Very knowledgeable, efficient, less expensive than other title companies, wonderful staff who are great to work with in what can be a very stressful time in one’s life.”
Mylissa Matson

Condo Owner, Denver CO

“I use Ascendant for all my personal real estate title needs.  It’s a no brainer, they are the least expensive title company in Denver Metro and they have the exact same insurance coverage as the large title companies.  The cost is 2/3rds what the other title companies charge and same great service.”
Scott L.

Home Buyer & Agent, Lakewood CO

“Ascendant has a fantastic team. Very knowledgeable and willing to work through issues that come up when transferring title. In addition their pricing is great as well! I’d highly recommend them for anyone buying or selling real estate!”
Jason Kolar

FSBO Home Seller, Wheat Ridge CO

“I would recommend working with Ascendant Title. They have great people, who care about you and they provide affordable services, a great combination for a company.”
Aaron Hodgin

Home Buyer, Boulder CO

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Earnest Money

If you have earnest money that you need to deposit, you can drop it off at any of our offices, or email a photo of your check to

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